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We were established on the foundations of bringing Salisbury astoundingly local potations that are a sight for the eyes as well as the tour of the world for taste buds, farm to fork food, sumptuous slumbers and swell people behind the counter!

We’re hugely proud to be independent, and nothing shows that more than our fabulous staff. There’s no mould to fit, no corporate guff to conform too … the more individual, the better! We are continually looking for people who can use their initiative to deliver the Caboose experience to every single person who encounters us. Once you’re with us, we strive to accommodate your lifestyle and commitments because we very much believe in working to live – not the other way around! When you’re on board, we nurture you because we know how important you are to delivering the Caboose vision. That’s why we offer training, support and a whole host of benefits to our employees.

If you don’t see any jobs listed here right now, get in touch with us anyway.

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Caboose is an inclusive employer.